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Excalibur ... the magic sword of King Arthur! Legend has it that he who could draw it from the stone could lead, just as legend told that the Cheetah was sent from the Gods as a symbol of the Pharoah's highest office. This mighty symbol of leadership radiates an aura of magic and mystery.


'Running Free'

A portrait of the power and breathtaking beauty of a great racehorse who has earned the right to fame and glory. More Triple Crown Winners have come down the track, but none have yet to match his speed and power. He is indeed symbolic of the perfect thoroughbred racehorse, and through my painting, a mighty spirit will be “Running Free” forever to touch the hearts of all who view him.

'A Cascade Dream'


Emma lived a very hard life in London, and being very poor, she had to scrub floors and take in washing to eke out a meager living. She had a heart of gold and took in a few children who were left homeless and ran a boarding house. In 1923, she took in a sick infant boy from a neighboring hospital. He called her "Grandma" and through her staunch character and high demand for integrity he learned that through honesty and hard work it was possible to realize one's dreams. The boy grew up to become a successful engineer and entrepreneur, and he said that it was the values she instilled in him which enabled him to attain his dreams. Through this painting which he commissioned, "Grandma", her strength, her character and her values will live forever.

dr ross

Leadership is key to the success of any organization. At Alvarado Hospital Medical Center, we have a diverse management team that brings years of experience, expertise, and dedication to meeting the healthcare needs of our community. Said leadership ensures that patients will receive superior care at Alvarado Hospital. Luis Leon, PA-C, PhD, serves as regional chief executive officer for Alvarado Hospital Medical Center and Paradise Valley Hospital, as well as chief operating officer for Prime Healthcare


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'The Interlude'

Pete as a plump baby

Mom, Dad, me & Alix

Grandpa Mercer

Grandpa Mercer

Keno in the pool with Pete