Casa Colina 75th Anniversary Gala

1n 1938, through the determination, care and vision of one woman, Frances "Mother" Smith, Casa Colina opened its doors and set a standard for patient care that continues today. What began as the "house on the little hill" in Chino, California is now a renowned institution that is more than 700 strong. A small army that includes physicians, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists and neuropsychologists provides comprehensive medical and rehabilitation care that brings healing, restoration and hope to over 10,600 people each year.

At the Casa Colina 75 th Anniversary Gala, we honored our remarkable history, rejoiced in the triumphs of our patients, and shared what lies ahead for Casa Colina.

An incredible evening was spent with celebrated journalist, author and television personality, Joan Lunden, who served as mistress of ceremonies for this milestone anniversary event.