People of All Ages With Disabilities Are Invited to Participate at Casa Colina's 20th Land Meets Sea Sports Camp In Long Beach

For more than 25 years, the Casa Colina Outdoor Adventures program has provided therapeutic outdoor experiences to thousands of people with disabilities. In continuing its efforts, Casa Colina Outdoor Adventures is pleased to present the 20th Land Meets Sea Sports Camp, August 5-7, 2015 in Long Beach. The camp will take place at Marine Stadium located at 5255 Paoli Way, Long Beach, CA 90803.

Land Meets Sea Sports Camp, part of Casa Colina's renowned Outdoor Adventures program, is a unique, 3-day camp for people with disabilities offering a variety of adaptive sports and recreational activities. Campers have the opportunity to participate in many exhilarating activities including jet skiing, water skiing, outrigger canoing, tennis and quad rugby…just to name a few. First time participants are encouraged to try new sports, while those returning can experience activities that they have enjoyed for many years. The Outdoor Adventures program focuses on abilities and not disabilities to enable people to experience success both physically and emotionally.

Please join us in presenting this exciting event to people with disabilities by becoming a camp sponsor or volunteer. Click here for an outline of various ways you can support. Your participation will help offer children and adults with disabilities the opportunity to learn new skills, enhance self confidence and become more independent.

“Land Meets Sea for me was personally life changing. I felt empowered and able and for a few days “normal” again. Outdoor Adventures allowed me the ability not only to forget about my limitations but to rise above them,” said Jennifer Gardner, a camp participant.

The fee for the three-day camp is $300 which includes participation in scheduled events, lunches, goodie bag, and a t-shirt.

For more information about attending the camp or if you would like to request a complete schedule of activities, please call Casa Colina’s Outdoor Adventures office at 909/596-7733, ext 4131 or email

If you are interested in particpating in this year's Land Meets Sea Sports Camp, please click here.

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Please check out the link below to see footage from last year's Land Meets Sea Sports Camp on KCAL Channel 9 News!