Ongoing Clinical Research Studies at Casa Colina

Rehabilitation Outcomes Research

The majority of our research studies are aimed to evaluate the efficacy of both current and novel treatments and programs at Casa Colina. We focus on the major diagnoses of our patients to investigate new interventions for the treatment of disabilities caused by a stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and other neurologic conditions and movement disorders. Below is a list of current research studies in this area:

Navigation for Spinal Cord Injury

High Risk Navigation / Risk Assessment for IRF’s

Casa Colina Navigation Study for Traumatic Brain Injury

Falls Risk Assessment for IRFs

Predicting Rehabilitation and Discharge Success in Stroke Patients

Effect of Strengthening and Exercise-based Aquatic Therapy on LBP

Effect of HBOT following Stroke

Predicting Rehabilitation and Discharge Success in SCI Patients

Textured thin liquids on improved swallow outcomes

Presence of Micro-bleeds in neurological injury

Role of genetic factors in hemorrhagic stroke

Effect of a Multidisciplinary Fibromyalgia Program

Effectiveness of a Senior Evaluation Program

Physiological Monitoring and Technology Research

Through collaborations with academic institutions and companies, we have recently embarked on a new area of research focused on physiological monitoring and technology. These studies investigate novel therapeutic interventions and the use of technology for monitoring patients and in identifying useful biomarkers for recovery. Below is a list of current research studies in this area:

Cognitive neural prosthetics for SCI

Deep Brain Stimulation rehab for PD

Predicting on the road driving readiness

Parkinson gait study

eStim for Dysphagia

Home monitoring of gait in PD patients with gait impairments

Autismate for Aphasia

NIRS and EEG following TBI

EEG as a physiological biomarker for cognition and attention

Identify effect of cueing strategies on brain activity (EEG) in PD patients

Neurocognitive Correlates of Driving Readiness

Pediatric Rehabilitation Research

We have a thriving Children’s Services Center and have developed a number of studies that are aimed at developing interventions for children with developmental disabilities. Below is a list of current research studies in this area:

Aquatic therapy for Children with Autism

Autismate for Autism

Evaluating the Efficacy of LEGO Interventions

Sensory diet home program for ASD

Effect of Amplification for Atresia on speech and language

For more information on current health outcomes research at Casa Colina, please contact:

Emily R. Rosario, PhD
Director of Casa Colina Research Institute
909/596.7733, ext.3036