Research Participation Opportunities

Research Participation Opportunities for Our Patients and Community Members

A variety of research participation opportunities exist for Casa Colina patients and other community members who meet criteria as specified for each study. The purpose of these clinical research studies is to gain a better understanding of new technologies and methodologies with a goal of improving outcomes for our patients and people everywhere. Below is information regarding current studies being conducted at the Casa Colina Research Institute. Your inquiries and request to participate are welcome!

Cognitive Neural Prosthetics

The purpose of this research study is to investigate a device(“brain chip”) which records brain activity related to reaching movements directly from the brain. This device is experimental. The primary goal of this study is to understand the safety of this device.

ReWalk Robotics to study the use of exoskeletons at home and in the community

Spinal Cord Injury level T7to L5, age 18 or older, height between 5'3"-6'2", and Weigh 220 lbs. or less. Qualifying participants will receive up to $4,000 for study completion and device training by a qualified Physical Therapist.