Research Participation Opportunities

Research Participation Opportunities for Our Patients and Community Members

A variety of research participation opportunities exist for Casa Colina patients and other community members who meet criteria as specified for each study. The purpose of these clinical research studies is to gain a better understanding of new technologies and methodologies with a goal of improving outcomes for our patients and people everywhere. Below is information regarding current studies being conducted at the Casa Colina Research Institute. Your inquiries and request to participate are welcome!

Cognitive Neural Prosthetics

Are you or somebody you know paralyzed from the neck down? If so, you may qualify for an important study that enables individuals with paralysis to control a computer using thought alone. This study uses an implanted device to read out the activity in your brain to perform tasks on a computer. Caltech, UCLA and Casa Colina have partnered in this exciting research. We are looking for adults between eighteen and sixty-five that are quadriplegic and able to attend study sessions at Casa Colina Hospital in Pomona three to five times per week for at least one year. This is a PAID study for qualified candidates only and covers costs of travel to the study site. Participants who receive the implant will undergo clinical testing for at least one year. This research study is only accepting two eligible patients, so if you suffer from high-level paralysis, of any cause, you may qualify for this paid study.