New Medical/Surgical Hospital Wing Opening 2015
Katherine Wolf
Scott Davis
Frank Glankler
Brett Graham
Carmen Mexia
Larry Davis
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The Courageous Ones

The people you're about to meet never imagined needing rehabilitation. They come from all walks of life - a mother, a student, a successful businessman, a fireman, and a cabinetmaker. Yet they all share something in common: one day they encountered the unthinkable - a debilitating injury or illness.

The moment that changed each of their lives was fate, but they refused to let it be their destiny. Instead, they worked several hours each day at Casa Colina to get better in some way. It took a lot of patience, persistence and the unrelenting support of their physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, neuropsychologists and other clinicians. As you'll soon see, they made remarkable progress in their therapy. In the process, they continue to inspire their families, their friends, other patients, everyone at Casa Colina, and we hope you too.