New Medical/Surgical Hospital Wing Opening 2015
Katherine Wolf
Scott Davis
Frank Glankler
Brett Graham
Carmen Mexia
Larry Davis
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Scott Davis was a semi-professional skateboarder at the L.A. County Fair when he met his wife Jeannette. He had been active just about every day of his life - swimming, surfing, and building custom cabinets. Shortly after their wedding, the unimaginable happened while they were at the beach. A rogue wave slammed him to the shallow shoreline so violently that he broke his neck. His doctors at another hospital thought he would never walk again.

When he arrived at Casa Colina Hospital, he was almost completely paralyzed. Under the supervision of Casa Colina's physicians and with the support of rehabilitation nurses, a team of licensed therapists worked with him for 3 hours each day. He approached each therapy session with the same patience and never-quit-trying attitude that brought him so much success as an athlete. Through it all, his wife was there by his side, day and night. Their vows were tested early, leaving little doubt that they'll still be holding hands for many years to come. Against all odds, Scott regained full functional mobility, and recently went surfing with Casa Colina's Outdoor Adventure program.