President's Circle


$100 - $499

Kevin Adams
Pramila and Sajjan Agrawal
Joe Alderete
Cherrol and Kurt Allan
Debbie and David Amador, Sr.
Ken L. Anderson
Kenneth Anderson
Tony and Teresa Andres
Curtis Annett
Kristin and Robert Applegate
Erika Armstrong and Giancarlo Deluca
Winfield Arn
Judith and David Attaway
Susie Atwood
Bala Balakrishnan
Raemi and Darol Baldwin
Maria and Antonio Banuelos
Kathryn Barnes
Leona and Robert Barnes
Stanley R. Barnes
Stacey Labeau and Robert W. Bartels
Gretchen Bashaw
Annette and Daniel Bauman
Lisa and Daryl Beans
Annette and Steve Behunin
Yvonne and James Bell
Tracy Bennett
Terry H. Bessant
Maria and Leon Blankstein
Jay Boand
Sue Anne Boranian
Robert Botello
Wendy Bowler
Lauri and Don Brannon
Rodger Brasier
Jean Costanza and James Bravos
Louis Brenner, M.D.
Kathy Broders
Susan and Richard Brown
Marie O. Bryan
John Buch
John Burri
Michele and Daniel Butler
Eloise Cadman
Howard Canter
Richard L. Carr, Jr.
James Casso
Alma Castro
Silva Castro
Maria Castro Taylor
Laurie Chalian, M.D. and Christopher Chalian, M.D.
Elbert K. Chang, M.D.
Michael Chang
Steve Chaput
Sam Cianchetti
Elizabeth Cisneros, Ph.D. and Ramiro Cisneros
Keith Clark
Linda and Robert Clinton
Janet M. Coffey
Ronald Collings
Charles E. Coniglio
Jane and Chris Conway
Katrina Cortez
Michael Couper
Connie Crawford
Garrett Cunningham
Max Dahlstein
Harold D. Damuth, Jr.
Laura and Cosmo D'Aquila
La Donna and James Davis
Jody Davis
Miriam and Joseph Davis, III
Katherine and Kyle DeGraaf
Pamela and James Demetroulis
Maria and Scott Devore
Elissa and John Di Carlo
Geraldine and John Dieterich
Raquel and Glen Dominguez
Mondi R. Dorrough
Olivia Doss
Sylvia Mendoza and Michael Driebe
Donald and Marilyn Driftmier
Lynne and Michael Driscoll
Carlos Duarte
Maddy Duarte
Wendy and Dale Duncan, C.P.A.
Elizabeth Dunn
Sharon and Dale Eazell
Margaret Egan
Teresa and Sean Elmslie-Britt
Susan Engelsma
Beatriz Espinoza
Laura Espinoza and Steven Walker
Alice and Jess Evans
Charity Fadri
Sue and F. D. Fernandes
Wendy Tucker and Marco Ferreira
Aaron Fidak
Jason Filler
Eric Fleming
Greg Fleming
Pat and Robert Fleming
Joanne and Robert Floyd
Martha and William Forti
Peggy and John Franklin
Laverne and Daniel Fujimoto
Rajesh Gade, M.D.
Andrea and Charles Gale, Jr.
Janet Gallego
Rafael Gallegos
Elizabeth and Humberto Galleno, M.D.
Clara Garcia
Mark Garringer
Lee Garver
Sean Gateley
Catherine and Rodney Gentry
Susan and David George
Mary Beth Geraci
Miranda and Howard Gilford
Celina and David Gillette
Dominic Glass
Stephanie and Mike Gligorijevic
Doris and Richard E. Godfrey
Jorge Gonzalez
Jane H. Goodfellow
Trevor Gray
Dalia and Larry Gridley
Mary Griggs
Joe Grottivs
Lois and William Gruber
Mary Gunther
Jay D. Hadley
Ira R. Halpern
Roger Hammond
Jill and William Hanley
Joe Hanson
Charlotte and Milton Hanson
Kathleen Hardy
Grant Haugen
Winston Hauw
Sandee Hayden
John Hernandez
Clayton Hertz
Shirley and Robert Hester
Marli Hicks
Trixie and Ed Hidalgo
Doc Hildebrant
Bricky and Larry Hirigoyen
Sonja and Howard Hoch
Christopher Hodson
Joanne Hoffman
Jennifer Hoge
Sandra E. Hogue
Mireya Holguin
Frances and Jack Holton, M.D.
Eric Hong
Dirk Hopstein
Christopher Horsley
Karen and Michael Horsley
Janice Housh
Ray Hsu
William Huff
Joanne and John Hughes
George Hulbert
Rita and David Hunt
Deborah Huskey
Thuy (Tammy) Huynh
Ria J. Inkrott
Ron Ito
Eileen and Chester Jaeger
Katheryn Jann
Marian and Jack Jarvis
Carolyn and Lowell Jelden
Maria Jiron
Barbara Johannsen
Caryl Jean and Charles Johnson
Dale Johnson
Mona and Floyd Johnson
Kimberly and E.J. Johnson
Christine and Robert Johnson
Kesley and Robert Johnston
Annette Jones
Sandra Jones
Dianne and Scott Jones
Kathryn and Charles Kelcher
Rochelle Kellner
Steve Kenagy
Deborah Kidwell
Jennifer Kincaid
Justin King
Monica and Bernard Kloenne
Hans Kloepfer
Ila and Cree Kofford
Lucille Kostovny
Kenneth D. Kramer
Marion L. Kramer
Robert Kress
Kathy and Douglas Krikorian
Robert Kryger
Gary Kurp
Melanie Lane
Susan and Justin Lasley
Jenni Lee
Luanne and Steven Lelewer
Dan'l Leviton
Geoffrey Lewis
Rosalinda Leyva
Devorah Lieberman, Ph.D. and Roger Auerbach
Hue Lieu
Elena and Evan Ling
Micky Lo
Cecilia and Charles Long
Cristal Lopez
Kiara Lopez
Ana Maria Lorenz, Ph.D.
Lisa and Albert Lozosky, III
Paula Lucero
Savannah Lucero
Loretta and Charles Luskin
Bud Mangold
Joan and Guy Marge
Dennis Mari
Silvia Marjoram
Steve Matthews
Daniel Maydeck
Marsha and David Maynard
Joyce A. McArdle
Michelle McCaslin
Roberta McCaffrey
Julie and Douglas McCormack
William F. McDonald
Darrell McGehee
Lindsay McHugh
Kimberly and Bruce McIntyre
Claudia McNeill
Janet McRae
Virginia and James Meriwether, M.D.
Aaron D. Miller
Adrianna and Julian Miranda
L. M. Miranda
Paul Mize
Hezla and Pareed Mohamed
Barbara Montez
William Montgomery
Olive and Arthur Moore
Rebecca Moore
Tim Moore
Barbara Morasky
Michael Morgan
Mike Morgan
Nancy and Jeffrey Moriarty
Andrea Morris
Anne and J. Richard Morrissey
Jennifer and Cam Movafagian
Matthew Muinch
Robert L. Munroe
Mike Mutschler
Kristina and Kenneth Nairne
Rosamaria Navarro
Martha K. Neff
Linh Nguyen
Mark Nieman
Amy and Scott Norin
Suzanne and David Nosworthy
Daniel Nunez
Larry Olin
Eileen Ormston
Joan and Michael O'Rourke
Robert Ortiz
Debra and Kenneth Ouellette
Teresa and William Ouellette
Jeanette and Roscoe Lee Owens
Jim Paliwoda
Rhonda Palomares
Gerald Parker
Kathee and Wayne
Curt Passow
Pankaj Patel
Teryl and Michael Payne
S. C. Pearson, Ph.D.
Sharon Perez
Evelyn and John Perrine
Allison and Chris Pettit
Ellen and Gary Phillips, D.D.S.
Michael Pichugin
Erik Pipins
Sandi and Randi Plotkin
Rick Probst
Donna and James Quinn
Joann Ramirez
Harlan Ray
Donald and Jo Ann Redd
Jim Rees
Patricia A. Reetz
Elizabeth Reeves
Mark Regus
SeAnna and Steve Reh
Zach Remington
Anthony Revier
John W. Richardson
Dallas Ritter
Katherine and Anthony Roach
Angela and Jose Rodriguez, M.D.
Scott Rojas
Patty Roney
Carol Roy
William S. Rugg
Gina and Christian Ruiz
Mary Ann Rush
Bob Russi
Kathy San Martino
Jose Sanchez
Joseph Sanchez
Raquel Sanchez
M. Phillmore Saunders
Kim and Dave Savage
Wes Schaefer
Mike Schirm
Jerome Schlachter
Michael Schlachter
Tamara Schlachter
Clarissa and Robert Schnabel
Candy and Larry Sears
Cassandra Shafer
Shannon and Lance Shafer
Barbara Shakarian
Paul Sharma
Jerry Sharman
Tyson Shih, M.D.
Wilson Shyu
John Silva
Janie and Larry Sims
Dorothy Sjoberg
Todd Smith
Fred Sneddon
Deborah and Ronald Snyder
Christina and Robert Solano
Lisa Sousamian
Suzanne and Dennis Spahr
Viola and Robert Spalding
Christopher C. Stahl
Elizabeth Stegmaier
Bernadette and Roger Steiner
Dave Stewart
Jamie Mack and David Stitt
Anna and Christopher Stone
David Storto
Dorothy and Ralph Struckman
Doris E. Syme
Jose Talavera
Rossana Tan
Wanda and Jack Tanaka
Elizabeth A. Tanton
Peter Thornton
Janine and Alan Tibbetts
Cathelyn L. Timple
Fiona Tindall
James Tinyo
Mary and Diego Torres
Rachel and Stanford Tran
Tena Tucker
Ann and Michael Tudor
Mike Tudor
Ryan Turnbull
Diane and Morgan Underwood, III
Priti Vaidya Patel and Manish Patel
Marylyn Valdez
Roxanne and Jeffrey Vaniman
Martha Vargas
Marco J. Velthuis
Grace and Victor Verhoeven
Kelsey Villa
Patti and Mark Vollmer
Oskar Von Heydenreich
Nancy R. Waldman
Cindy Walkenbach
Larry Watanabe
Kenneth P. Waterhouse
Catherine Watrous
Don D. Weber
Georgetta and Irwin Wedner, D.D.S.
Rene Weiser
Kathleen and Richard West
Paul Westerhoff
Rick Wheeler
Dianne D. Whiting
Stephen Wierzbinski, III
Roger Wilkinson
Carol and Garry Wilt
Joseph Wojcik
David Wolf
Catherine Wolff
Kenneth K. Wong
Suzie Wong-Okamoto
Linda D. Wright
Mitchell E. Wright
Jay and Mar Yarter
Myron D. Yeager
Marie Yeseta
Jennifer Yue
Monica Zamora

America Tour System, Inc.
Artful Expressions
Bob Wright Industrial Properties Inc.
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Citrus College
Frank S. Smith Masonry, Inc.
HMR Property Management
Inland Valley News, Inc.
Kiwanis Club of Glendora Kiwaniannes Foundation
Ladies of Columbus
Law Office of Vera & Barbosa
Ledsam Contracting Incorporated
Louis R. Fisher & Associates
MagView Healthcare Information Systems
Maintex, Inc.
Megan's Wings
Network for Good
Ontario Fury
Operation Blessing
Pomona Valley Memorial Park
Stephanie Johnson Fashion Plate Scholarship
Sales Media
Salomon Smith Barney
Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care
Starr Insurance Holdings, Inc.
The Brokerage Commercial, Ins.
Truist - Employee Giving Program