Inpatient Outcomes at Casa Colina Hospital, Acute Rehabilitation Services

Patients receive high quality medical and rehabilitation services, allowing them to return home after discharge

  • Over 80% of inpatients discharge home.
  • 96% of patients are able to stay home 6 months after being discharged.
  • Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare patients continue to improve after discharge.
  • At 6 months following discharge, 93% of patients report that their functional status is the same or better (n=755).

(Data collected in 2014 - Sample size = 1170, 3 month follow up = 802, 6 month follow up = 755)

Patient Satisfaction

Nearly 93% of inpatients are satisfied with their care and experience at Casa Colina Hospital's Acute Rehabilitation Wing.

98% of patients would recommend Casa Colina to their family and friends.

(Data collected in 2014; n= 1170)