Ongoing Care for Better Outcomes

Proactive Pain Management

The Revive Joint Replacement Program team uses innovative techniques before, during and after surgery to anticipate and manage pain, often before it occurs. Partial and total knee replacement candidates also have access to robotic-arm assisted surgery, which is less invasive and typically results in minimized pain. To ensure the swiftest and most comfortable recovery possible,we incorporate multimodality pain management, which includes non-pharmaceutical interventions, such as cold therapy, stretching exercises, walking, distraction guided imagery and breathing techniques.

Joint Replacement Excellence Award 2020-2021 Five Star Total Knee Replacement 2019-2021
Five Star Total Hip Replacement 2021


Our team of highly trained orthopedic physical therapists get patients walking the same day as their surgery. Therapists meet with patients regularly to track and monitor their increased mobility on the Revive Joint Replacement Program's "Journey Board." Upon discharge, patients have the option of continuing outpatient rehabilitation at Casa Colina’s Pomona or Azusa locations. Patients may also receive direction on next steps from their insurance provider.


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