The Revive Experience

It’s Time to Start Living Life to the Fullest

At Casa Colina, we believe better begins with comprehensive care plans, an experienced team of board-certified surgeons, and top-of-the-line accommodations. The Revive Joint Replacement Program at The Orthopedic & Robotics Center at Casa Colina gets patients moving with innovative techniques that minimize pain after surgery, including state-of-the-art robotic-arm assisted technology. When you choose The Revive Joint Replacement Program, you not only receive the latest in surgical treatment and care, you also experience the comfort and peace of private patient recovery rooms and a dedicated team of attentive orthopedic specialists in a picturesque, resort-like setting.

The Revive Joint Replacement Program encourages a patient-centered approach in which family members and loved ones are invited to participate in the recovery journey. In our spacious, private recovery suites, patients will receive every convenience, including indoor and outdoor visitation areas, private daybeds for their designated “Coach,” personal televisions, private bathrooms, and voice-activated communication with the nursing station. Bilingual staff and translation services are also available for all Revive Joint Replacement Program patients.

We encourage patients to participate in our group activities and lunches to instill a sense of camaraderie and community with other joint replacement patients. Through our JointCOACH program, pre-operative admissions testing, joint replacement education classes and ongoing support after surgery, our patients achieve the best possible outcomes, often walking the same day as their surgery and returning home the day after surgery. In some cases, our partial knee replacement patients go home on the same day as surgery.


Move with Confidence. Move with Ease. MOVE with US.

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