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Seniors and the Disabled Regain Independence& Safey at Casa Colina's Adaptive Driver Program

Seniors and the Disabled Regain Independence& Safey at Casa Colina's Adaptive Driver Program Pomona, CA…The ability to drive is basic to optimal rehabilitation and is a key part of daily social, recreational and work activities. Those individuals who may be elderly or disabled but can still manage their own transportation needs without relying on family, friends or public transportation accomplish maximum independence, mobility and participation in these activities.

Casa Colina’s Adaptive Driver Program encourages independence and accepts seniors and people with a wide range of disabilities resulting from spinal cord injury, stroke, head injury, arthritis, amputation, neurological, sensory dysfunction, or learning disabilities. Participants will have access to training in Casa Colina’s specially equipped vehicle, which offers adjustable hand controls, a variety of steering devices and a left foot accelerator. The vehicle is also equipped with dual steering, gas and brake for client safety. Access to these types of equipment often allows individuals the ability to drive more safely and become independent again.

Casa Colina’s Adaptive Drive Program offers the following services:
Clinical Assessment - Evaluation of the client’s physical status, cognitive and communication ability, as well as attitude and behavior by an occupational therapist.
Behind-the-Wheel Evaluation - The client’s basic skills in vehicle operation will be evaluated, together with his or her knowledge of road and traffic situations. Vision, reaction speed cognition and other practical are measured using appropriate clinical tools.
Engineering and Equipment - After consideration of adaptive equipment that may be necessary, the evaluator will make specific recommendations or prescriptions to ensure optimum safety and independence. Resource information, vehicle choices and the purchase of specially constructed devices that may be necessary will be discussed with the participant.
Training - Casa Colina offers a training program that includes basic vehicle operation, road skills, driving in accordance with the law and the use of adaptive equipment. Instruction also includes the loading and unloading of a wheelchair, parking maintenance. Training will prepare the client for DMV testing and independent driving.

Participation in the program is arranged by referral from physicians, hospitals, case coordinators, agencies or vocational counselors. Payment for evaluation and training is on a fee-for-service basis, which may be arranged through Casa Colina. For more information, please call toll-free 800/926-5462 or 909/596-7733, Ext. 3500 or visit