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Casa Colina Announces Opening of New Outpatient Senior Evaluation Program

Casa Colina Announces Opening of New Outpatient Senior Evaluation Program Innovative Program Offers Seniors Comprehensive Evaluations to Help Improve Overall Health and Quality of Life

POMONA, Calif. (April 21, 2010) – In its continued efforts to help seniors improve or maintain their overall health and quality of life, Casa Colina Centers for Rehabilitation recently announced the opening of its new Outpatient Senior Evaluation Program.

Yong II (Luke) Lee, a board-certified physiatrist at Casa Colina Colina Centers for Rehabilitation leads a team of board-certified geriatricians, case managers, neuropsychologists, radiologists, pharmacists, dieticians, physical, speech and occupational therapists, audiologists, and other clinical specialists that provide seniors a thorough assessment of four specific areas – functional ability, psychological health, physical health and socio-environmental health in one convenient setting.

“The Outpatient Senior Evaluation Program is truly unique in its ability to provide a diverse and highly trained team of clinicians who specialize in the screening and treatment of common maladies affecting seniors,” explained Dr. Lee. “There is a tremendous need for these healthcare services, and we are excited to help our senior communities maintain or regain their independence by providing them the necessary tools to improve or maintain their cognitive and physical health.”

As part of the Medicare-covered program, the patient’s first appointment involves a pre-screening evaluation with a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor (physiatrist) who determines the appropriateness for admission into the program. Next, a geriatrician provides a comprehensive and thorough evaluation. Together, they direct the clinical team which conducts a series of on-site screenings designed to establish a problem list and suggestions to improve or maintain the highest level of function possible for the patient. The assessment period requires a series of visits to Casa Colina’s Outpatient Center over the course of three to five days. The results enable objective recommendations that are in the best interest of the patient’s overall health and quality of life.

After completing the assessment, the Outpatient Senior Evaluation Program’s clinical team meets with the patient, patient’s family and/or caregivers to discuss the results and develop a recommended plan of care. A comprehensive list of tools and resources are provided to help keep the patient as functional as possible. The team will also collaborate with the patient’s primary care physician to monitor progress or modify the plan of care. Potential recommendations may include the patient returning home supported by outpatient rehabilitation or the help of a family member. Suggestions may include a referral to home health, assisted living or skilled nursing care.

“In every instance, we help our patients determine the most appropriate level of care, so they and their families feel reassured about their decisions and plans for the future,” said Dr. Lee.

For more information about Casa Colina’s Outpatient Senior Evaluation Program or to schedule an appointment, please call (909) 596-7733 ext. 3500.

About Casa Colina Centers for Rehabilitation Casa Colina Centers for Rehabilitation began in 1936 in Chino under the leadership of its founder Frances Eleanor “Mother” Smith and neighboring physicians to provide rehabilitative care to children afflicted with polio. In the late 1950s when polio was at epidemic proportions, a plan was developed to build a new hospital in Pomona where children could be cared for by experienced medical professionals. In 1960, the new hospital was completed and after the introduction of the polio vaccine, Casa Colina refocused its medical and physical rehabilitation services to concentrate on treating people of all ages and disabilities. In recent years, it has rebuilt and renovated its entire 20-acre Pomona campus to include a state of the art rehabilitation hospital, outpatient center, transitional living center, children’s center, adult day health care, imaging, surgery center, and other specialized services. For more information, please visit