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Casa Colina Offers Free Community Seminar on Managing Urinary Incontinence


WHAT: In its continued efforts to educate the community about new medical and rehabilitation options for people with urinary incontinence, Casa Colina is pleased to host a free community seminar on Tuesday, June 26.

Symptoms of urinary dysfunction may include the urge to urinate so badly you're not sure you will make it to the bathroom on time; "leaking" when you laugh, cough, sneeze or lift objects; and not participating in activities because you fear loss of control.

Guest speakers include Aaron Nguyen, M.D., a board certified urologist and program medical director of the Casa Colina Urinary Dysfunction Center, and Annette Jones, PT, MS, OCS, ATC, physical therapist and clinical coordinator of the Casa Colina Urinary Dysfunction Center.

Topics of discussion include the causes and diagnosis of urinary dysfunction; treatment options that include exercise, nerve stimulation, computerized biofeedback and more; the relationship between bladder function and weight gain, and a question and answer session.

Refreshments will be served and seating is limited. Please call Casa Colina Centers for Rehabilitation toll-free at (866) 724-4132 to reserve your space.

Tuesday, June 26
6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Casa Colina Centers for Rehabilitation
Tamkin Education Center, Bldg. 1D
255 East Bonita Avenue (at Garey) in Pomona

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