Writing Workshop

Does your child struggle with handwriting due to a developmental delay or learning disability? Does he or she find it awkward to grip a pencil or print letters? Is it difficult to keep up in class because of his or her handwriting skills? If so, your child may feel discouraged and less enthusiastic about learning. We can help transform your child's handwriting this summer with our Writing Workshop.

Here your child will have an opportunity to practice cursive handwriting and print handwriting in small groups led by a pediatric occupational therapist. During these 10 sessions, your child will gain a better understanding of the mechanics of writing, which will lead to improved academic performance in the coming school year – and life.

To view and download our Writing Workshop brochure, please click here.

To learn more, call toll-free 866/724-4127, ext. 4200 or 909/596-7733, ext. 4200.