Clinical Study:

The Effective Use of RTI Bike Training & Exercise for MS Patients

What is the purpose of this study?

This study was designed to determine the impact of aerobic exercise via lower extremity functional electrical stimulation ergometry (RTI bike training) on fatigue and quality of life for people with Multiple Sclerosis who are non-ambulatory and unable to propel a standard stationary bike.

Inclusion criteria

Participants must be at least 18 years of age, diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, able and willing to comply with the study protocol and fitness center visits, have appropriate range of motion in hips, knees, and ankles for safe operation of the RTI bike, neurologically stable for at least 12 months prior to participation, complete and sign Casa Colina's supervised fitness center release forms, have their referring physician complete and sign the "Referral Screening Release" for the RTI bike.

Exclusion criteria

Participants will be excluded if they have a cardiac demand pacemaker, have an unhealed lower extremity fracture, are pregnant, have a history of hip or knee dislocation or subluxation, have plates, screws, or pins in the femur(s), have poorly controlled autonomic dysreflexia, have active heterotropic ossification, have extreme osteoporosis, have severe spasticity in the lower extremities, have pressure sores in the areas of treatment, have prior experience with regular training using electrical stimulation.

What is involved with participation in this study?

If you are eligible and would like to participate, we will ask you to do the following:

  1. Complete questionnaires to determine your level of fatigue and perceived quality of life at the beginning of the study, monthly during participation, and upon completion of the study.
  2. You (and a caregiver, if necessary) will be trained by a physical therapist to independently use the functional electrical stimulation ergometer (RTI bike) as part of a supervised fitness program at Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare.
  3. Participate in a supervised fitness program at Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare consisting of a 60-minute lower extremity functional electrical stimulation ergometry (RTI bike) program 3x/week for 6 months.

MS Clinical Study Flyer

For more information or to find out if you or your patient qualifies, please contact:

Emily Rosario, Ph.D., Director of Research Institute
Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare
909/596-7733, ext. 3036 or