Rehabilitation Services in Pomona

Casa Colina's Therapies at a Glance

Throughout this area of our site, you will read about the many types of physical rehabilitation offered at Casa Colina. We thought it might be helpful to first define or describe these different approaches to rehabilitation:

Physical therapy works to resolve physical impairments, improve functional mobility and return to an optimal level of functional independence. Our licensed physical therapy professionals are specially trained in helping patients with musculoskeletal dysfunctions, sports-related injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, back and neck pain, burns, neurologic disorders, amputations, wound care and vestibular disorders. They will precisely analyze your, or your loved ones, movements and identify abnormal mechanics in order to design specific exercises to help accelerate the recovery process.

Occupational therapy involves the activities of daily living. Its goals include improving performance, preventing illness and promoting adaptation in the face of life-changing disabilities. Our licensed occupational therapists will work on cognitive retraining and examine your, or your loved ones, normal routine at home, work, school or out in the community. Then they will use or provide adaptive techniques or devices to help you remain as independent as possible. They will use their expertise in the upper extremity, including range of motion, splinting and exercises to help you reach your fullest potential.

A specialized type of occupational therapy is hand therapy, which provides assessment and treatment for acquired or congenital hand disorders. Our unique program provides comprehensive and efficient solutions for hand and upper extremity problems, including activities-of-daily-living practice, non-dominant hand training, on-site work evaluation, post-operative therapy, prosthetic training, scar management, sensory re-education and desensitization, custom static and dynamic splinting, sterile wound care and suture removal, strengthening, and therapeutic exercise.

Speech and language pathology helps patients with language, cognitive, speech or swallowing difficulties. Our licensed speech language pathologists focus on all areas of communication, including comprehension, expression, speech clarity, reading and writing. They assess and treat all areas of cognition, including memory attention, problem solving, and safety. They will help you, or your loved one, improve in these areas through a variety of strategies that include exercises, electrical stimulation and education - so that patients may return to the highest level of independence possible.

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