Outpatient Surgical Care

A State-of-the-Art Operation in Southern California

We designed our outpatient facility to make patients like you feel more comfortable - before, during and after your surgery. For example, our natural lighting provides a more relaxing experience before undergoing surgery and upon regaining consciousness after an operation.

An experienced clinical staff of surgeons, operating room nurses, peri-anesthesia nurses, and surgical technicians work to ensure the safety and comfort of all patients while they provide a broad range of outpatient surgical procedures - from orthopedic and neurosurgery to gastroenterology, urology, general surgery, pain management, opthamology, and podiatry.

The Casa Colina Outpatient Surgery Center offers:

  • An experienced clinical and surgical staff
  • Three large operating rooms
  • Two specialty procedure rooms with a GI laboratory
  • 16 beds for pre-op and post-op recovery
  • Anesthesia services that include general anesthesia, regional anesthesia, local anesthesia, moderate sedation, and regional pain blocks.

The outpatient facility is located on the Casa Colina campus and operated by many of the region's most prominent surgeons.The center is steps away from Casa Colina Hospital's acute rehabilitation services, an intensive care unit, and inpatient medical-surgical care.

For more information regarding outpatient surgical care on the Casa Colina campus, call 909/593-3550 or visit us at www.casacolinasurgerycenter.com.