Medical Research at Casa Colina

Exploring New Ways to Enhance Care

The Casa Colina Research Institute conducts clinical research studies to improve the clinical care of people with disabilities and discover new findings about disabilities. The discoveries we make at Casa Colina are destined to help not only our patients, but others throughout the world.

Research at Casa Colina is a collaboration of doctors, scientists, and other rehabilitation professionals. These projects support the mission, vision, and values of Casa Colina. Our current research studies include outcomes-based research projects, which aim to measure the impact of medical rehabilitation in patients with disabilities, and clinical studies, which aim to identify novel interventions for conditions and impairments treated at Casa Colina. All research at Casa Colina is generously funded through the support of the Casa Colina Foundation, other foundations, and rehabilitation industry sponsors.

Current research projects and publications by Casa Colina associates are included for your reference.

For more information on Casa Colina's current research, please contact:

Emily R. Rosario, PhD
Director of Casa Colina Research Institute
909/596-7733, ext.3036