A Bright Future

Casa Colina is a unique place that provides state-of-the-art technologies, breakthrough rehabilitation techniques, and an unsurpassed continuum of care. It is an ideal environment for clinicians to advance patient care, learning from fellow therapists with advanced training and experience. Casa Colina understands how important it is to nurture the skills of future rehabilitation care providers. We believe that we have a duty to create an educational environment that fosters learning and promotes scholarship.

Our physical therapy residency programs in orthopedics and neurology provide advanced knowledge and skill in a focused clinical environment. The course work provides training in clinical examination, decision-making and treatment skills. It is designed to accelerate therapists' professional development while allowing them to achieve clinical excellence in all aspects of patient care.

Upon completion of the program, the clinician will have had the training to apply for the certified specialty examination offered by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). Programs in orthopedics and neurology are credentialed by the APTA.

How to Apply

Applications for the Orthopedic and Neurologic programs should be completed through the RF-PTCAS system. Click here to access our application: www.abptrfe.org . If the applicant is newly graduated, a letter of recommendation from a clinical instructor is requested. Final candidates will be invited on campus for an interview that includes a live patient exam, documentation sample, and panel interview.

Physical Therapy Residency programs at Casa Colina offer:

  • Mentored 1:1 clinical practice
  • Structured learning opportunities
  • Didactic coursework
  • Participation in physician specialty clinics
  • Preparation and training for APTA specialty certifications
  • Paid compensation for all hours of clinical practice as well as time being mentored

We are currently accepting applications for the following residency programs:

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

The Orthopedic Residency program is a 50-week APTA-credentialed program that enrolls one to two residents every March. The application and selection process inlcudes an observation of the applicant performing an initial evaluation and treatment on a patient. Applications are due August 1. Program tuition is $500. This is an APTA accredited program.

Neurologic Physical Therapy

The didactic portion of the Neurologic Physical Therapy Program is the Neurologic Physical Therapy Professional Education Consortium (www.ptneuroconsortium.org) which begins in late June each year. Residents must be on site at Casa Colina the last week of July to begin the clinical portion of the program. You must have a valid California Physical Therapy License to participate in the Residency Program; PTLA status is accepted if your licensure test date is in July.

Applications are due April 1 and program tuition is $2050. Casa Colina is an ABPTRFE Credentialed Residency Program.