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Frank's Story

  • Author: Frank G
  • Date Submitted: Feb 23, 2015

“ I didn't want to learn how to live with my disability. I wanted to learn how to overcome it.”

As the chief executive of an Ontario-based company, Frank Glankler was used to being in complete control. He regularly commuted between Arizona and California to manage his growing enterprises. The last thing he expected to do was trip over the baby gate in his kitchen, set up for his Italian greyhound puppy, and break his neck. His doctors in Arizona thought he would never walk again. He had to try. So he asked his wife to find a rehabilitation hospital where the physicians and staff possessed the expertise and determination to help him improve.

When he first arrived at Casa Colina Hospital, he was unable to even sit up without help. His therapists pushed him hard for 3 hours of therapy each day. They tried everything imaginable to help him regain his coordination - from handmade devices to state-of-the-art technology. During his hospital stay, he needed to continue running his company. So Casa Colina gave him high-speed Internet access to communicate with his business and the use of a conference room to hold staff meetings. He wanted to keep everything in his life moving forward in a positive direction. Indeed, he succeeded - four months later, Frank walked out of Casa Colina.