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Expert neurosurgeons, leading surgical technology

Should you require spine surgery, the Casa Colina Spine Program is home to some of the region’s most trusted neurosurgeons, many with specialized fellowship training in spine surgery. Program Director Siraj Gibani, MD has extensive experience treating complex spine disorders and received subspecialty training in minimally invasive and complex spinal neurosurgery.

All of our highly skilled neurosurgeons practice a minimally invasive approach to procedures of the spine, with the goal of decreasing discomfort, accelerating recovery, and minimizing complications. Casa Colina Hospital is home to an award-winning neurosurgery program that received Five-Star ratings for Spinal Fusion Surgery and Back Surgery, and it was named as one of America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Spine Surgery in 2021.

HG 100 Best Spine 2021-2023 HG Spine Surgery Excellence 22 - 23 HG Spinal Fusion Surgery 2021-2023 HG Back and Neck Surgery 5 Star 2021-2022

Neurosurgical procedures at Casa Colina take place in our hospital’s modern Medical-Surgical Wing, which features three state-of-the-art operating rooms, 25 private patient rooms with bathrooms, a beautiful veranda, and more. Our ORs feature advanced robotic surgical equipment such as the StealthStation™ and O-arm™, which provide state-of-the-art imaging and surgical navigation that lets our surgeons operate at their very best. Casa Colina is one of the few hospitals in the region to feature this surgical technology, which helps our neurosurgeons to achieve optimal surgical outcomes.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call 909/596-7733, ext. 3810 or toll-free 866/724-4127, ext. 3810 or contact us now.

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