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Message from the CEO

Felice L. Loverso, PhD

For those recovering from a disabling injury or illness, the road home can be a dark and uncertain one. At Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare, our job is to light the way.

Every day, our courageous patients show us what is possible when you combine clinical expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and the human spirit. They diligently pursue their recoveries, overcoming an endless list of physical and psychological challenges to regain lost function, independence, and confidence, all in the hopes of returning to the lives they love. Their triumphs inspire us to excel at what we do.

It’s been said “it takes a village,” and this has never been truer than at Casa Colina. Our multidisciplinary care teams, led by our exceptional physicians, work side by side to achieve what we all agree is the only goal that matters: the best possible outcome for each patient served. We guide them, challenge them, and spur them on, executing a care plan tailored around their unique needs. It's simply the Casa Colina way.

Under the responsible governance of our Board of Directors, and with our talented physicians and staff, Casa Colina is well positioned for continued growth and long-term success. From our therapists and nurses to environmental services workers, facilities team, support staff, and more, Casa Colina employees are some of the best at what they do. I’m proud and humbled to lead such an amazing group of individuals as we rise each day to meet the evolving healthcare needs of the communities we serve.

Thank you for entrusting your medical, surgical, and rehabilitative care needs to Casa Colina. We will always strive to deliver excellent, patient-first care and to serve as a guiding light for those whose lives have been impacted by traumatic injury or illness.


Kelly M. Linden
President and CEO

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