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The Joanne Lichtman Story

  • Author: Joanne Lichtman
  • Date Submitted: Dec 22, 2022
In 2011, Joanne Lichtman was involved in a car accident that resulted in a serious spinal cord injury and left her a quadriplegic. A lawyer, wife, and mother of two teenage sons, Joanne had no idea how far she could go in her recovery. Her family soon found Casa Colina and its Transitional Living Center (TLC). Joanne’s intensive, six-hour daily therapy helped her make great progress, allowing her to steadily gain back physical strength and mobility following her accident. Two months later, Joanne was able to walk out of Casa Colina with the help of a walker. “Being severely injured and disabled—and essentially having your life taken away from you—is a very lonely and scary experience,” says Joanne. “Casa Colina has helped me adapt and get back to living a more hopeful, functional life.”