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Occupational Therapy

Getting you back to your daily life after an injury or illness

Occupational therapy helps patients return to activities of daily living such as dressing, taking a shower, cooking, and working. Casa Colina offers a full continuum of occupational therapy services, from acute rehabilitation and short-term residential rehabilitation to children’s services and outpatient therapies. Our licensed occupational therapists have specialized training to help patients adapt to or overcome physical and cognitive deficits and improve coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, sensation, cognition, and visual perception.

Treatment areas at Casa Colina include Activities of Daily Living suites, a Hand Therapy Center with Certified Hand Therapists, an Adaptive Driving Program overseen by Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialists, an Assistive Technology Center, and much more, all available to help our patients regain independence and maximize function.

For more information, please call 909/596-7733, ext. 3500 or toll-free 866/724-4127, ext. 3500 or contact us now.

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