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Pain With Running? We Can Help

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  • Written By: Michele Rebozzi, PT, DPT, OCS; Faith Rea, PT, DPT, OCS; Steven Bast, MD
Pain With Running? We Can Help

Running offers numerous benefits. Understanding your running mechanics is crucial for maximizing running potential and reducing injury risk. The Coliseum Sports Medicine and Orthopedics at Casa Colina offers a biomechanical Running Analysis to assess what’s right—and wrong—with your running.

The Coliseum's biomechanical running analysis provides insights into joint angles, foot strike pattern, flexibility, and strength. By identifying biomechanical issues such as muscle imbalances or improper form, our analysis helps runners mitigate their risk and avoid or improve overuse injuries like shin splints, tendonitis, and stress fractures. The Coliseum is the only sports rehabilitation program in the region that uses the KinTread Pressure Treadmill. This specialized technology uses more than 4,500 sensors to analyze your precise force and pressure distribution during standing, walking, and running, giving us a clear picture of your gait mechanics.

Your personalized Running Analysis will include a one-on-one, two-hour session with a Doctor of Physical Therapy who will provide:

• Detailed 2-D video analysis with angle tracking

• Foot pressure mapping during loading

• Strength testing and mobility assessment

• EMG assessment, if necessary

• Complete report with shareable results and personalized recommendations based on your assessment

After your analysis, the Coliseum team will gladly help you develop a personalized training program addressing the strengths and weaknesses identified at your visit.

Don’t let pain or injury keep you from your favorite activity! Whether a novice seeking form improvement or a seasoned athlete striving for peak performance, integrating running analysis into one's training regimen can be transformative, elevating your running experience to new heights of efficiency and safety.

If you would like to schedule a running analysis, please contact The Coliseum Sports Medicine and Orthopedics at Casa Colina: or 909/596-7733, ext. 3505. This service is cash-pay and not covered by insurance.