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Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare is honored to help soldiers who have been injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many are returning home with traumatic brain injuries, which are often referred to as the "signature" wound of this war. Treating and rehabilitating individuals with traumatic brain injuries is also a signature service of Casa Colina.

We offer an ideal environment for patients with TBI and a variety of other injuries. Our physicians and rehabilitation professionals will do whatever it takes to ensure that these injured soldiers receive optimal medical care, appropriate therapy, and an opportunity to achieve maximum functioning and independence. Our military patients, like all Casa Colina patients, have access to a complete continuum of care that includes inpatient rehabilitation, short-term residential rehabilitation, outpatient rehabilitation, and long-term residential services, if needed. On-site housing may also be available for families who wish to be near their loved one throughout the rehabilitation process.

It is the kind of care that has captured the attention of top surgeons, clinicians, and administrators at the Veterans Administration and military hospitals across the country. Casa Colina is privileged to collaborate with and support their efforts when called upon.

It is also why Casa Colina has been featured in national television news programs such as CNN's "Paula Zahn Now," "CBS Evening News," NBC's "The Today Show," and on the front page of The New York Times. All have highlighted the success stories of many soldiers treated at Casa Colina.

ABC 7: Sgt. Jarod Behee and Cpl. Josh Cooley

CNN: Sgt. Jarod Behee, Sgt. Cory Briest, and Cpl. Josh Cooley

KELO: Sgt. Cory Briest

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