Hearing Loss Treatment in Southern California

A Volume of Ways to Improve Hearing

Casa Colina's Audiology Center provides the most complete and technologically advanced audiology care available in Southern California. We're here to ensure that everyone, from newborns to the elderly, reaches their highest potential for hearing by offering the best options available.

A Multidisciplinary, Comprehensive Approach to Hearing Loss

At the Audiology Center, you will benefit from:

  • A licensed Audiologist who evaluates hearing disorders and hearing aids
  • A physician-led staff that specializes in diseases of the ear and balance disorders
  • 2 full-size sound rooms for optimal test conditions and accurate test results
  • Computerized state-of-the-art diagnostic hearing evaluations
  • Hearing aid dispensing, including digital hearing aid technology from a variety of manufacturers
  • Hearing aid evaluation, including a computerized fitting and analysis for dispensing and evaluating the latest technology in digital hearing aids
  • Hearing aid modification laboratory with tools for on-the-spot adjustment, cleaning and minor repairs
  • Evaluations of middle ear to rule out middle ear fluid or other middle ear disease
  • Evaluation of central auditory processing disorders
  • Evaluation of vestibular and balance disorders using the latest equipment and technology
  • Evaluation and treatment of infants and children newly identified with hearing loss

The Causes of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss may stem from a variety of medical conditions, including:

  • Presbycusis or hearing loss due to aging
  • Trauma from temporal or skull fractures or other head injuries
  • Ototoxicity caused by various drugs prescribed to treat diseases
  • Cerebrovascular disorders that cause dizziness, sensory deficits and/or tinnitus
  • Facial nerve disorders such as Bell's Palsy
  • Illnesses such as Diabetes Mellitus, Multiple Sclerosis and Meniere's Disease
  • Noise exposure from an intense acoustical blast or prolonged encounters with high levels of noise
  • Otitis Media, one of the most common childhood infections
  • Chronic ear disease

During your visit, we'll conduct a Basic Audiological Assessment. This will include a thorough 45-minute examination inside our sound booths for maximum effectiveness and accurate diagnosis. We'll use technologically advanced equipment available, such as the Auditory Brain Stem and Oto Acoustic Emissions machines.

Once the evaluation is complete and we've determined the degree and type of your or your loved one's hearing loss, we may refer you to one of our specialists for further medical evaluation or recommend an appropriate assistive hearing device. We work with the latest state-of-the-art hearing aids from a number of manufacturers, and will take great care to ensure that you are satisfied with your hearing aid through regular follow-up visits, and personalized fitting. If you're not completely satisfied, you can return your hearing aid within 30 days.

Our audiologist will continue to work with you or your loved one to ensure that the hearing aid is comfortable and set to optimum hearing levels. Today's technology allows for great flexibility in adjusting and programming the hearing aid to meet your or your loved one's specific needs.

The Casa Colina Audiology Center is open Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm . For more information and to schedule an appointment, please call 909/596-7733, ext. 3535 or toll-free 866/724-4127, ext. 3535.