Transitional Living Center Client Outcomes

Clients who participate in the TLC program successfully return home.

  • 80% of clients are free from falling up to 6 months post discharge
  • 75% of participants remained out of the hospital at 6 months
  • 60% of clients are living independent or with part-time supervision at 6 months
  • 96% of clients are living at home or community environment at 6 months
  • 98% of clients are discharged home at the completion of the TLC program

Clients report high satisfaction with services received at TLC

  • 94% of our clients are satisfied with the skill level of the TLC clinicians (PT, OT, ST, NP)

  • 93% of our clients are satisfied with the partnership they have with the TLC team

*Based on discharges from 1/2010 - 12/2017

Additional Outcome Information