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Facilities & Equipment

Modern technology to get you back in the game

At the Coliseum, our expert orthopedic clinicians use the most modern technology and equipment to assess your physical needs and help you maximize your training and athletic performance.

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Our state-of-the-art sports medicine gym includes:

Assessment Equipment

  • KinTread Pressure Treadmill: Over 4,500 sensors to analyze force and pressure distribution during standing, walking, and running
  • Simi Aktisys 2-D Motion Capture System: Uses colored LED markers to calculate measures during walking and running, cycling, and other functional movements
  • Noraxon Ultium EMG: Surface EMG to record muscle activity during functional movement analysis and training
  • Biodex Isokinetic System: Industry standard for reliable, repeatable objective strength measures

Training Equipment

  • Keiser Pneumatic Resistance Training System
    • Functional Trainer
    • Seated Calf Machine
    • Leg Extension
  • Rogue squat rack and strength training equipment
  • Owens Recovery Blood Flow Restriction: Blood flow restriction tourniquet system using Delphi technology to personalize rehabilitation and safely regulate pressure
  • Normatec Compression: Dynamic air compression for faster recovery
  • Vertimax Trainer: Resistance technology to improve speed, explosive power, and vertical jump
  • Shoulder Sphere: Device used to strengthen rotator cuff muscles for the overhead athlete
  • Blaze Pods: Reaction Training

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